Monday, August 25, 2014

Discogs x Grimy x Crate Diggers

 photo b0ce7dcc-0aa5-43e3-943a-d0edd93e7238_zps8f6baa97.jpg

This past weekend I was honored to play the first Discogs x Grimy x Crate Diggers event.

Zernel from Chicago was so on point with his selection and skills and set the party off lovely.

 photo 2d22025e-4cc8-45f5-8bd3-23bedbd17a3d_zps498d2ffb.jpg

 Next up JT Donaldson from Dallas who slayed it as usual. So good!

   photo 1aeb7eb4-2265-4ac4-bffa-d9f3b249657b_zps121a0622.jpg

 I got on and rocked for a solid hour before we all started rockin' one for one

   photo df73f0c9-3b6e-4938-860c-a79c9362173b_zpsdcedd791.jpg

 Dam Funk's plane finally landed and he made it in time to close it out. It was a capacity crowd with a jam packed dance floor and most definitely in my top 5 events of all time. So amazing!

   photo 37b10367-af9b-4559-9bf7-3e11ba1ac961_zps6606e05c.jpg

 Thank you Disocgs, Grimy, Adidas Originals, White Owl Social, Pippin, Kristen, Liz, Boogie Nite, Rev Shines and all involved. #SupremeTeam