Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Minneapolis, MN.

One full week in Minneapolis, MN - Starting with a special dj set for Cinco de Mayo!

May 5th - Triple Rock Social Club
May 6th - Rudolph's
May 7th - V.I.P Room
May 8th - Imperial Room
May 9th - Club Jager

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Party Time Is Anytime and Anytime Is Party Time.....

Teaser Pics From Scion's Grand Prize "Play List" event. This is also, the jump off for the Brand New Weekly Party "Oh Fo Sho!" Every Thursday Night @ The Chapel - Starting This week!

1600 Melrose Ave - Capitol Hill - For The True School Players

Brought To You By The Standard

Photos By: www.lanileephotography.com

Sunday, April 19, 2009

BBQ or Mildew?

Or as Diamond D says "What you wanna do, bbq or boogaloo" - I woke one Saturday morning and wanted to make a cd to listen to in the Benzo. So I went straight to the turntables in my boxers and proceeded to record some jointz. That mix was one of my most popular cds to ever hit the streets titled "BBQ or Mildew". Now that spring has sprung and the sun is shinning I've been getting requests for copies. I honestly never thought it was that good but I liked that it was raw and real. I love that aspect in dj mixes. No pro tools or produced mixes just straight dj skills and two decks. I'm feeling pretty good today and it is the 1st official nice day and rather hot day of Spring here in Seattle. So, what else to do rather then record part II for y'all? Hope you enjoy. Perfect for spring cleaning, bbq's, or crusing the beach. A mix of soul, boogie, and true hip hop.

BBQ or Mildew Take II

Download It Here

Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh Fo Sho!

Brand new weekly Thursday night party. The town has been asking me to play again on Thursday nights and I will be. I will also have guests every week including Fools Gold recording artist Fourcolorzack, SFN8, The High End, SV of The Standard and many more local and out of town heads. This is a night for the true party connoisseur that knows the real deal. Not the mainstream lame with no swag. Like my man Cosmo says "Get On My Level". Join us weekly at the Chapel - Oh Fo Sho! 1600 Melrose Ave. 10PM. 21 and over w/id. It's party time.....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Should I Cop?

An irish man once said "I love me eggs". Anyone that knows me can tell you that "I love me diamonds"!!! However, on a cheap plastic watch is somewhat suspect? Hmm........ I'm kinda digging this though. Decisions decisions.......

Continental Room - Fullerton, Ca.

I was back yet again for my 3rd guest dj spot at this fine establishment courtesy of Bobby Soul a few days back. Got to play dope shit ie: Loft Disco, Boogie, Modern Soul type steez.

Definitely good times. I'll be back to play again in August for the music festival weekend.

Shorty above was feeling my set and kept coming up trying to read the labels of the record I was playing. Little did she realize I was using Serato that night. The actual record was just the controller and never left the deck!!!

Coming Soon.......

www.supremelarock.com - coming soon! I will let y'all know when it's finally done. Just got back from three days in L.A. Deejaying, music meetings and without no doubt digging for records!!! Not to mention other dope stuff as well. Like this hat I copped (Pic below) and have back in my collection after giving away the three I had a few years ago like a real dip sh*t!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


I'll be throwing down for my 2nd guest DJ appearance at Dam Funks legendary "Funkmosphere" club night. This coming Monday April 6th, 2009. Free cover!