Sunday, August 30, 2009

The 1st Sharpshooters Joint....

The very first song me and Sureshot did together within' knowing each other for less than a week! Featured on Ubiquity records label Home Cookin' LP.

The Wire

A track I produced featured on "The Wire" original soundtrack cd

Friday, August 28, 2009


A great inspiration. I also, found this true story on another site and had to post it up. Not only because it's a great story but because I have done the same thing before!

Vegas club manager: yo DJ, this music sucks
DJ AM: Excuse me?
Manager: I said, This music SUCKS
DJ AM: (hit stop while song was playing...dead silence) then you don't have to listen to it anymore
DJ AM: (got my shit and left)...keep your money and have fun learning to DJ

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sharpshooters - Choked Up - 1996

A collaboration between Seattle, WA, DJs Supreme and Sureshot, the Sharpshooters produce sample-heavy down-tempo hip-hop and dance tracks. The pair released their first album, Buck the Saw, on their own Conception imprint in 1994. Two years later Shadow Records released Choked Up and garnered the duo considerable underground acclaim. A few singles followed, but it wasn't until 2003 that the Sharpshooters returned will a new full-length; Twice as Nice found the pair mixing live instruments into the already dense mix of samples and beats.
Download Side One Here
Download Side Two Here

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Electro Mash Up Mix

I did this mix cd for the TITS brand clothing line.
(Order Here)

When A DJ Used To Matter?!

I've got to go in right now and get this ish off my chest because I'm pissed. Yeah you can call me grumpy old man if you wish or feel that way, but the bottom line is that I'm just speaking the truth and calling it how I see it. You have a right to disagree if you choose to. There was a time when the DJ used to matter. When a dj was a dj. Not a popularity contest. Serato is the devil. It has completely ruined the art and the game of our culture. New jacks will not understand this. I even had a friend of mine say that Serato was gods gift to djs. Really? Sorry, RANE. I love you guys and you take care of me and have for years but just a few short years ago djs had to actually have the record to play the song. Not the MP3. With the creation of Serato, djs have popped up in droves. EVERYONE is a dj now. I'm not hating on anyone for wanting to dj. However, dj to really dj. This jack ass told me the other day he wanted to be a dj because they get all the girls. Wow! This same cat plays for close to nothing just to play. Not to mention he sucks. The worst part about it is NO ONE really cares. Crowds still come to the venues and as long as he plays the "Hit" song of the week it's all good. Forget mixing. Forget creating a vibe. Forget everything that Larry Levan and Walter Gibbons worked towards. The art is close to being extinct. DJs used to matter. Not so much these days. To top it off EVERYTHING is politics. This is the only job that I know of where your work history and resume stands for absolutely nothing. A big fat huge zero. New jack johnny come lately promoters don't know the history or do the math to figure this out. They hire the guy that is the cheapest. News flash!!! That usually equals the weakest. You usually get what you pay for. I understand the business side from the club owner. They just want a crowd that will spend at that bar. Therefore if you got a playboy playmate deejaying half naked its going to draw a crowd. I get it. I'm just saying that a few short years ago you actually had to have some skills and be half way good. The game fucking sucks now days. It just does. Tons of no name wack djs playing and touring. Tons of LEGENDS not. Before you think I'm being a hater let's clear it up that I'm clearly not. I get mine and have been for years. I'm just talking about the state of the game and where we are at with it in 09'. It's so funny that I can go out of the country and rock a huge party and come home to have the local club hire a beginner because I'm affiliated with a certain promo co. I'm a dj for hire. I rock parties. That's what I do. I'm not bound and have no contracts to any promotion team or companies. I'm my own walking corporation. So f-ing what if I deejayed for another club or another promoter? Who gives a crap? The politics of this game at home in my city of Seattle absolutely suck. Like my man said it's complete high school hateration at best. Well, I have news for you club management jerks. Your NOT the only club on the planet. I don't have to play there. Now or ever. When your nights suck and no one is coming and your dumb ass is sitting there wondering why? You still haven't figured it out. It just might be because the dj matters? It's actually a good start for your night club. Kind of like good food at a restaurant! Another good thing is a quality working sound system. I could go on for days but I'm done with my rant for now. Until then I will be and continue playing in dope ass top quality venues around the nation. Middle finger goes out to half the local clubs in town & a few of the promoters. Not because they won't or don't fuck with me because all of them have. Because they so well deserve it for being such idiots.

Bros. of the Same Mind

Classic old school Seattle video from local rap group. Catch myself, B-Mello and a few other notables jumpin' around and dancin'. Seriously.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Supreme La Rock & Santigold

The Kia "Soul Collective" rolled through town this weekend. I played a super duper ill intimate private invite only show with Santigold for 100 patrons. These type of gigs are so cool.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I've been blessed to have played some super dope parties recently. A break from the monotony of the usual coke whore "play some britney" type jump offs!!! This past Thursday night I threw down @ "The Fix" in Portland, Oregon.

Safe to say I had a blast. There's nothing better than playing good music across the board and everyone is feeling it. No commercial crap you hear hour after hour on paid programmed media outlets. Just that feel good real ish.......

I rolled into town and hit up whole foods for some nutrition. $50 out of my pocket and I only got two sandwiches, chips and few drinks! I could have hit a steak house for that much. Oh well.......... Time to check in to the hotel.

Jupiter it was, I always stay here when I'm town. One of my favorite spots and they always take care of me.

Of course after getting settled I hit the local record stores but didn't have much time. I picked up 3 45's to add to the collection. Rushed to the sneaker spot and it had closed 30 seconds before I arrived. Oh, well Their loss! Back to to the room for a quick shower, 20 min. power nap and time to rock the Someday lounge.

I walked in and DJ Kez was on the set.

Of course playing joints and everyone was into it. Good ish, it gave me the vibe I needed to get right for the night. I missed Rev Shines opening set but he greeted me in the green room.

I wonder if it's called the "Green" room because all the musicians always smoke their "Green" in their?!

I chilled for about a half an hour before hittin' the decks.

Another good night in the dj lifestyle of Supreme La Rock! Thanks and big shouts out to Lady Connie, Rev Shines and the whole team.

DJ Supreme La Rock - "Live" @ The Fix
Download Here

Monday, August 17, 2009

90's Flyers

These popped up on the homie Joe Schloss' Facebook page today. Wow! Not only did it bring back memories but has flyer design ever changed.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poppa Large......

Friday, August 14, 2009


One of my top favorite MC's of ALL time.......

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Extra V.I.P

The homie Apple Jac's favorite kind of party!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rebel Base Showcase Party

The Rebel Base hosted a showcase and b-day bash for Brandon this past Saturday night at the Rio hotel in Las Vegas on the roof top!

The View was totally bananas, one of if not the best view in town.

From street level you would have no idea anything was going on up there!!!

I threw down and did what I do best. I only wish I would have taken a picture of the 65 year old lady that walked up and gave me the thumbs down and told me I sucked!!! She said I didn't play any good music that people could dance to. The best part about it was I looked up as she was telling me this and the entire place was going ape shit on the floor and stripper pole! I guess she missed that? Oh well..... I told her it was all good and to go down a few more drinks and that she should be dancing in no time.

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The Get Back

Back home from my weekend in Las Vegas. It started out with me hauling my atm case full of rare records with me on the plane. It's not fun carrying 60lbs. around with you along with your other baggage. Not to mention the constant nervousness of worrying about checking them in with the airlines!!! How did I used to do this all the time?!

Beauty Bar is located in old Vegas downtown. Really dope concept for a club and a nice outdoor area where we were playing in 90 Degree weather in the middle of the night.

DJ John Doe is the creator/president of this night and runs the show. Big huge shouts for him asking me to come out and play. There are seriously few parties as dope as this one!

The party people were in effect and of course it only got better as the night got older and everyone got drunker.

All original vinyl records only were allowed. No computers or cds. The WAY it's supposed to be. Much respect!

L.A.'s DJ Phoreyz was also, on the set and did his thing.