Monday, October 5, 2015

Basquiat Box

 photo 1842b5c4-7379-4822-8dc9-e76b8cc7920a_zpspvhpjeby.jpg

 photo 498eb814-8794-4942-bc8f-39c9ffeb1978_zpsvdrwqpvz.jpg

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 photo 79ffadcf-18b9-4e17-b4fa-63b7983aa3ad_zpsdgewclvi.jpg

As usual Get On Down comes totally correct again! This time bringing us the "Basquiat Box" record carrying/storage case with 12" vinyl single of the classic & timeless Rammelzee Beat Bop complete with iconic cover art. A must have. Visit for more info. and to place your order. ltd. quantity available.