Saturday, November 29, 2008

Talk Box * Vocoder * Auto Tune Madness

I really honestly can't stand EVERYONE using the auto tune efx on their vocals lately. I will admit though that T Pain is the best at it. Kanye's latest release is a full album using auto tune on every single track. Diddy plans on doing the exact same thing. Wow! I owned a Roland rack mount vocoder in the 80's and wish I would have never sold it. That was a classic unit and made popular through boogie tracks back then. Roger Troutman made the talkbox his thing and I even remember Peter Frampton using a talkbox on a track. The first time I ever heard the auto tune was on Cher's track "Believe". I remember thinking that it was pretty cool and I knew it was not a talk box or a vocoder. My man Kon posted this up on soulstrut and I had to share it with everyone. It's pretty ill! It's the first known use of the talk box. Yes everyone from Roger to T Pain has jacked this mans swagger. Peep this out.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Thanks

Every year one of the best venues in Seattle does an annual "Giving Thanks" party the night before thanksgiving. It's a free event to thank the true party people for their support year around and it's also a food drive to support local homeless shelters etc. This is the 4th year I have done this event with them and it's always a great time.

Past djs have included Vice, Scene and Victor Menegaux. This year I rocked with my brother from another one of Vegas' finest - DJ Five. Super dope dj and all around cool dude. If you have never caught one of his sets I highly suggest next time your in sin city you look him up. You won't be sorry. Special shouts go out to JB for the non stop shots of XO!

DJ Five & Supreme La Rock

For those that weren't able to attend this party I have posted the first 30 minutes of my dj set for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Download the mix here

Sunday, November 16, 2008

San Diego

I played in San Diego this weekend. I rocked the spot with my man Beatnick (Sleeping Giant) and Cros 1 (Armory). Spot was called "The Office" a small dark venue in the North Park district.

I have actually really been feeling the smaller spots like this lately as opposed to the big nightclubs. It's more intimate and the personal interaction with the crowd is great. I got to play lots of classic Hip Hop, Boogie, & Loft Disco. It was a pleasure to rock along the sides of the cities greats like these two guys.

Cros 1 (Armory)

Cros 1 is a legendary b boy event promoter world wide and owner of hip hop store/clothing brand "ARMORY".

I visted both retail locations and was laced with gear. Thanks my man! Oh yes the benefits of being a dj.

Beatnick (Sleeping Giant)

Beatnick is a dj and member of the "Sleeping Giant" crew. All these guys are dope and SD legends. You def need to check for them. I'll never forget the time Mikey Beats offered me Skittles & Hennessey for breakfast! I haven't seen Beatnick since the last time I played in SD at the "Confidential". It was great to see my friends. Speaking of friends I was really surprised to walk in and be greeted by Kutfather! I haven't seen this guy in years. For those that don't know he was one of the first artists I signed to my record label Conception and one of the first artists Jake One did production for. We along with Soul Uno (DVS Crew) started and ran the best hip hop night Seattle has ever had called "The Foundation" at Art Bar. Cats still talk about it to this day!!! It came to an end when violence erupted at another venue in the city and officials started shutting down night clubs.

Supreme La Rock & Kutfather

Intro from "Street Sounds" our first radio broadcast

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The "Super Fly" Caddy

I was sitting around one day about three years ago looking up at one of the blaxploitation movie posters on my wall. I started to think about stuff I collect from the 70's era and was wondering where the actual pimped out cadillac from "Super Fly" was at? I wanted it! I got on my hunt and located it in a car Musuem in Switzerland. It's not for sale. However, I have a theory that everything has it's price. Too bad I don't have Warren Buffet pockets or it would have been a done deal. On my quest to find this fine automobile I came to discover it was customized by Dunham Coaches. They made several models for the true PLAYERS of the era. The original one used in the movie belonged to a cat called K.C. Here is a video of these original customized vehicles.

So last night at about 3:30AM I'm on ebay looking for anything fly that I can find and I came across this!

I will probably never own the original actual car from the movie. However, any 70's Dunham Coach customized Cadillac will do. Maybe one of these days I will be fortunate enough to own a piece of this historic flyness.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I've Finally Arrived

That's right world. Yours truly has finally arrived here to BLOG on the net. Share music, thoughts and ideas with you. I'm a working DJ which means I keep pretty messed up hours. For the most part I'm up all night long. It's currently 2:30 AM PST. I would usually just be leaving a club right about now. I took tonight off and of course I'm still up! Anyways I want to personally welcome you to my blogspot and feel free to share it with others.