Friday, May 31, 2013

Damn Homme

 photo 47a4c0d0-e4e4-417c-b4db-4e7226cbcdae_zps7ba5b832.jpg New shirt design available from Knyew

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Muck

 photo fdc4f8f9-1ef8-4211-82b5-326e11b12ce3_zpsef7898d4.jpg I have a brand new dj residency with the Galaxy night club located in the Muckleshoot casino. You can catch me there every other Saturday night.  photo 23a44614-3361-4e38-ae9e-19437ac55c3b_zps4f91dd89.jpg  photo 1d058524-1e15-41fe-8aba-62b653770abc_zps1f92b101.jpg  photo 685583c9-eaad-4722-bf8c-1f53f3ab6e6a_zpsf0e4a10e.jpg This venue is always packed thanks to Steady productions who has their hand in promoting the night. Always a good time and I get to play a wide variety of music.  photo 9797d088-5961-4629-a59c-a89dab90a7f1_zps9cd67bfc.jpg  photo 64cedf08-3bb8-400d-957f-4cada6004a8f_zps291c068c.jpg  photo 3770b37a-9224-494e-86a5-ae4e12b95b37_zps7aa3c24c.jpg If you're in the northwest area check the casino's web site for dates i'll be playing if you want to catch me.  photo a0d59834-059a-4ace-9ff1-1d30725bc553_zps53f8ba91.jpg

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Diabolical Biz Markie

Always killing the game on every level. I wish he would've shown his Dapper Dan suits.

Monday, May 27, 2013

'Bout That Life

 photo 745d45e3-ae5c-45eb-8a20-eee751b010d6_zps7b0f2cb2.jpg You know it's serious when you've gone this far.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mobile DJ Crews

 photo 6475c331-2e4f-4b92-a2dc-b7d1ee40bee5_zps1dbdd405.jpg Dope picture from a Bay area dj crew in the 80's. Peep the sound system they rolled with! Nowadays you get a guy with two powered Mackie speakers and that's about it. Props to the cats like this that put it down.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Other Side

Great documentary on Seattle hip hop brought to us by JR Celski & Vinny Damn. I was lucky to view the film during the Seattle International film festival. Although i'm not in the movie due to scheduling conflict I have two tracks i've produced that are featured in the film.

Friday, May 24, 2013

On Tilt

 photo 6494c90b-06f9-4f0c-819d-a899c359892f_zpsaa37df92.jpg The Havana social night club was on tilt last night. We hit capacity early and it was hotter than Mexico in July in that piece. Thank you party people for making my job fun. I appreciate it!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sophisticated Mama III

 photo d1cb282e-3124-4765-b0c0-2a8b3e474c07_zps62ab3e77.jpg Catch me dropping 45's tomorrow night 5.23.13 for Sophisticated Mama @ Havana - Seattle, Wa.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Vinyl Purist Kills MP3 DJ

 photo YoungManwthGun_zps984f9eb6.jpg Police have identified 36-year-old Johannes Van der Burgh as the primary suspect in Friday night’s gruesome nightclub slaying of 22-year-old Polish DJ Mark Borowski. Van der Burgh — who was apprehended after police received several key leads from eyewitness testimony — confessed to the murder. He added to the confession by telling police that he was simply doing what “any vinyl purist would have done.” Eyewitnesses state Van der Burgh was seen hastily leaving Berlin’s esteemed Berghain night club visibly distraught by something that had occurred inside. Further eyewitness accounts confirm that Van Der Burgh followed Browoski home to his apartment. Borowski had just finished performing a set of big-room techno on the popular computer DJ software Traktor, a set that according to many other concert-goers left the audience frustrated. “[Borowski's] simplistic dynamics and preset loops would drag for 16, 32, or even 64 bars at a time,” says clubber Daniel Hirsch. “It’s doesn’t really surprise me that he was murdered.” Popular DJ software has been know to induce rage in older DJs who fear things are becoming “too easy” Police arrived at Borowski’s apartment after receiving numerous calls from his neighbors who claimed they heard some sort of dispute arising from within his home. Upon entry, police discovered a lifeless Borowski laying among two Technics SL1200 turntables. One turntable was covered in Borowski’s own blood, the other plugged in and still playing a copy of Kraftwerk’s “Man Machine.” Seen this on this morning. I can't confirm if it's actually legit but I can confirm it's hilarious.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gangster Boogie

 photo a4a41d6c-ce0a-40ba-aa33-f71049d25093_zps82672e88.jpg I try to put y'all up on fresh music here from time to time. Usually it's unknown drum breaks or local Northwest soul & funk tracks. I'm from the west coast so you know I love my boogie! This is a record recently released produced by Orly Sad from Triste, Italy called Clover Bounce. Catch it if you can. Orly Sad "Clover Bounce"

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ban Dai Triple Inchophone

 photo 215689_214510595227403_4529305_n_zps51be0f90.jpg Finally got my hands on one of these bad boys today. Originally released in Japan by the Ban Dai toy company in 2004 most units were destroyed leaving only 400 left for worldwide distribution.  photo afaa5282-0723-431a-ac45-bae62ff46c54_zps92d5d46d.jpg Apparently Jack White of the White Stripes purchased them all when he was touring Japan. He then sold them along with a special release of his at his merchandise table while touring. Therefore it was the only way to get one. They were completely gone and dried up with the quickness. Once word got out collectors were paying up and over $1000.00 to obtain one.  photo 4375fc1c-9849-4565-aeba-2edf1e2eb271_zpscd5496c6.jpg

Friday, May 17, 2013

Skeme Richards Killing The Game

Let's not front, this is one of if not the best crate diggin' videos yet. Not production wise but most definitely content wise. This is why Skeme is my brother.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 photo 45dbf39b-5fe2-4e6b-abb6-115fe1aa60bd_zps13ee520b.jpg Hung out with Ludacris today, we were admiring my homies original SP-12

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Turn Up

 photo e4fa8191-55da-4473-abb9-e77d2e0fd3c8_zps8425b187.jpg The crazy things you find inside record covers when out digging...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Big Band Breaks

 photo d3a41759-2744-4c63-be14-fc6eddbf75d5_zps934bde50.jpg It's been a while since I shared any music here, so I thought it's about time to drop a gem on ya. I've always said never judge a record by it's cover. This comes from a very awful looking record and if you don't listen to it correctly you could skip right over the "good" part. This drum solo is clearly nothing special until the drummer decides enough with the funny business it's time to cut the crap and get funky with it at the 2:19 mark. Enjoy... A selected excerpt of a Big Band break

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gene Gene The Dancing Machine

 photo 9f5e8ce0-c857-423a-b6a8-99910f9b38f1_zps951cbd33.jpg Only my true og's will respect this.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

De La Soul

It's great to see a hip hop group stay together since day one and consistently release stellar material. I'm really digging this new De La Soul joint. This is what hip hop sounds like.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thunder Kick

 photo f034427d-3d1c-4531-b769-935ee8dcc68f_zpsc5f67d5e.jpg One of my latest acquisitions, the og super 8mm film reel of the kung fu classic Thunder Kick. Very happy to add this to my movie collection. Thanks John Book!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CCVI Style

 photo 85c916cc-bf1f-4876-a0bc-7a5d864aac23_zpsd2cb2c1e.jpg Spotted this over at the CCVI Style web page.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


 photo ec09389c-5f52-489a-8b92-8336858b6f59_zps484df1eb.jpg So i'm trying to obtain Sir Mix a Lots trunk jewelry. He still owns it and laughs at the fact he used to wear it. I still will. Stay tuned...

Cut Chemist Speaks on Current Hip Hop

Monday, May 6, 2013


 photo 57e7aa9c-5d62-4cc2-9c4d-8ab9ac0b3c78_zps1fbb255b.jpg Bar Dynamite in San Diego is a sick spot. I've never had a bad time/night rocking there.  photo 38fba59d-8644-460a-9f95-743a2da7ad42_zpsc0071549.jpg  photo b3bb98ed-7e26-4d9d-b051-a00acc06b7e5_zps1fac5a89.jpg Beatnick the big homie runs ish in SD. Killer dj and all around good guy...  photo 7b490211-8354-469c-8953-6e72d3fd3491_zpsc490b7fb.jpg  photo 7df336c3-0e47-46a6-8118-be19a3f1305d_zpsfce740a0.jpg  photo 5237334e-d951-4240-be9e-6c17f839df5c_zps00169a3a.jpg Although it's only been 3 weeks time since I rocked there i'm ready to go back. Spots like these make me love my job and make me realize how blessed I am. Thank you San Diego, Bar Dynamite, Beat Nick, Mike Wallace and all the people that came through.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

T-Ray's Freak Show

 photo c50ef735-9f92-4763-b4d6-bac87884d5c4_zps207db29d.jpg I ran into Todd Ray when I was at venice beach a few weeks back. He is the most under rated hip hop producer of all time. So many dope records and always kept a real low profile. He runs a Freak Show now at venice beach which is also, a featured reality television series. Was glad to finally meet him after all these years of having mutual friends and trying to do some record business together. Great guy. If you like two headed babies, a real life wolf man, bearded lady etc. Check 'em out next time you're in California.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sharp GF 777 Boom Box

 photo 0631c574-331f-442a-b572-9d98cf014ae4_zps8d9597bf.jpg A classic indeed. A hip hop staple. Very necessary in my book.  photo cb3e0d04-7665-4ec5-b83c-3d8f09209a6e_zpsff7b5cbf.jpg  photo 6ab48467-8b8a-4ed0-8f8a-e5f744ee229a_zpsf8d747ae.jpg  photo 6b49ea57-77c0-4ce5-8f05-8a6f6a15f052_zps889edcbc.jpg Found one in decent shape this past weekend at a very reasonable price. With that being said you know I wasn't leaving it behind!  photo 85b35c3f-7337-4b87-91b9-f443812aee63_zps34c884b7.jpg

Friday, May 3, 2013

Rock Box PDX

 photo 053a574f-8c3c-4259-bc09-7920b7c891af_zpsbe6c625d.jpg I returned to Portland, Oregon after about 3 months and was looking forward to it. They have great record shopping and no tax! Plus i've never rocked this party or venue before so it was a first for us...  photo b3b4ae3f-3191-4660-b292-db7541536628_zpsf04def36.jpg  photo 7a6a33ed-8bf2-4e5f-adf1-dcbf99612b34_zps24515b99.jpg  photo 8005c1a6-015d-4506-a53e-a8a00686a897_zpsc5857b04.jpg As soon as I walked in I fell in love with the place! Fresh, open and airy I knew the night was gonna be good and that it was.  photo 1cd2601a-7d23-49e2-8abc-364e6b1eec49_zpsb5734585.jpg  photo b3752326-d2b9-4d61-b0ce-f1d3f71fa913_zpsd0b1ecf2.jpg  photo fc6c29a6-426f-4146-abb7-460cf5d55559_zps85203dbd.jpg It was one of those parties that I probably could've played anything and they would've been wide open. I love party people and crowds like this that are open to good music of all genres. It really makes my job fun!  photo daa00f03-51e1-4eb8-9ba7-822a4ff7a284_zps5ee91574.jpg  photo 828b32a3-1251-4062-a314-616c9e803123_zps3b3418ef.jpg  photo 2784dd1e-a33c-4030-b324-2e63ca9560f7_zps19b08f44.jpg  photo 778fdc2b-1cef-46f0-95f7-2ada640f0eff_zpsed9e9489.jpg Shout out to Billy Cook for the awesome photography, DJ Kez, Matt Nelkin & 360 Vinyl for making it happen. I'm alreay looking forward to doing this one again. True story.  photo 08f14660-2d82-471f-921d-c6435e27a260_zps8619d45f.jpg

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Boogie Blind

 photo a25dda36-ab5f-468f-a674-70c7ef2775ea_zps4a1f2f62.jpg The Harlem homie "Boogie Blind" came through for "Saturday Love" at the Woods and put 'em in a choke hold! Seriously, it was a capacity crowd by 10:30 pm and the spot was active until closing. So many ladies in the house and great music all night long. It's not really rocket science to figure out that booking a real DJ your party will pop. The woods has it figured out and they stick to the rules.