Monday, May 6, 2013


 photo 57e7aa9c-5d62-4cc2-9c4d-8ab9ac0b3c78_zps1fbb255b.jpg Bar Dynamite in San Diego is a sick spot. I've never had a bad time/night rocking there.  photo 38fba59d-8644-460a-9f95-743a2da7ad42_zpsc0071549.jpg  photo b3bb98ed-7e26-4d9d-b051-a00acc06b7e5_zps1fac5a89.jpg Beatnick the big homie runs ish in SD. Killer dj and all around good guy...  photo 7b490211-8354-469c-8953-6e72d3fd3491_zpsc490b7fb.jpg  photo 7df336c3-0e47-46a6-8118-be19a3f1305d_zpsfce740a0.jpg  photo 5237334e-d951-4240-be9e-6c17f839df5c_zps00169a3a.jpg Although it's only been 3 weeks time since I rocked there i'm ready to go back. Spots like these make me love my job and make me realize how blessed I am. Thank you San Diego, Bar Dynamite, Beat Nick, Mike Wallace and all the people that came through.

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