Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sharp GF 777 Boom Box

 photo 0631c574-331f-442a-b572-9d98cf014ae4_zps8d9597bf.jpg A classic indeed. A hip hop staple. Very necessary in my book.  photo cb3e0d04-7665-4ec5-b83c-3d8f09209a6e_zpsff7b5cbf.jpg  photo 6ab48467-8b8a-4ed0-8f8a-e5f744ee229a_zpsf8d747ae.jpg  photo 6b49ea57-77c0-4ce5-8f05-8a6f6a15f052_zps889edcbc.jpg Found one in decent shape this past weekend at a very reasonable price. With that being said you know I wasn't leaving it behind!  photo 85b35c3f-7337-4b87-91b9-f443812aee63_zps34c884b7.jpg

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