Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Muck

 photo fdc4f8f9-1ef8-4211-82b5-326e11b12ce3_zpsef7898d4.jpg I have a brand new dj residency with the Galaxy night club located in the Muckleshoot casino. You can catch me there every other Saturday night.  photo 23a44614-3361-4e38-ae9e-19437ac55c3b_zps4f91dd89.jpg  photo 1d058524-1e15-41fe-8aba-62b653770abc_zps1f92b101.jpg  photo 685583c9-eaad-4722-bf8c-1f53f3ab6e6a_zpsf0e4a10e.jpg This venue is always packed thanks to Steady productions who has their hand in promoting the night. Always a good time and I get to play a wide variety of music.  photo 9797d088-5961-4629-a59c-a89dab90a7f1_zps9cd67bfc.jpg  photo 64cedf08-3bb8-400d-957f-4cada6004a8f_zps291c068c.jpg  photo 3770b37a-9224-494e-86a5-ae4e12b95b37_zps7aa3c24c.jpg If you're in the northwest area check the casino's web site for dates i'll be playing if you want to catch me.  photo a0d59834-059a-4ace-9ff1-1d30725bc553_zps53f8ba91.jpg

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