Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here I Go Again...

The best thing about me tracking down local Seattle musician's from the 70's is discovering music that I did not know existed that is right here from my own city. I knew Herman Brown was in Ozone and did stuff with Tina Marie as well as playing in different bands. What I did not know was that he released a 12" modern soul single in the 80's under the band name Septimus!!! Just when I think I know it all I get a dose of reality and learn about something new or unknown.

 photo 0cc73edf-d8ab-43b9-8571-ca409d3ed05d_zpsc1837f48.jpg

Well, when we hung out a few days back I was blessed with a sealed copy. Of course I had to share it with the world. It's all about the music and letting people know about it and get to listen to it even if it's 20 some odd years later. Enjoy.

Septimus - "Here I Go Again"
Download Here

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Original Northwest Funkateers

I got a phone call from my man over at LITA records at about 2pm yesterday. He said meet me at Garfield high school in 3 hours because the Seattle Times wants to take a picture of all the original Seattle legendary funk musicians. I immediately dropped everything I was doing to make sure I would be there.

I'm certainly glad I did. I met many people I've been trying to track down for years and also, missed some people that were there as well but I didn't know who they were. Although I know now I'm a step closer to connecting with them. I got to talk and hang with Paul Anderson from Seattle Pure Dynamite, Tony Gable, Septimus, Black & White Affair etc. Not only a historic day in Seattle music history but a historic day period. Who would have thought when I had the idea to do the Wheedles Groove project that a day like this would ever happen?!

I was sure to conduct a few interviews on video which are coming soon.

Members of Cookin' Bag brought me a crisp mint original 45!!! Wow......... On that note let me just say that any of you out there that have any records, pictures, master tapes etc. on ANY local Seattle funk, soul, disco or r&b bands from late 60's to early 90's - please contact me at I'm still looking for many things.

Cookin' Bag "This Is Me"
Download Here

Sunday, September 27, 2009

TAG Signature Series Launch Party

Tag Launch Party (Ludacris, Carmelo Anthony, Rob Drydek) from eskay on Vimeo.

Watch for more video/pics from me coming soon on the "TAG" events I've currently been spinning at.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sno Casino DJ Residency

Exit 27 off I-90 @ Snoqualmie Casino - Sno Lounge every Friday night.

I'm Only In Town For A Night.....

When I pull up man the crowd get hyped and everybody love me, the browns to the whites you live like a movie but a movie my life - I'm the life of the party.....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Official TAG Signature Series DJ & The "VIRGO" 09'

My man Kun Luv held his annual b-day bash last night aka: the "VIRGO" party. He has done this event for the past 18 years now!

It's without no doubt one of if not the biggest parties in Seattle. Always sold out. It was held at the Aquarium this year.

Very lavish spot for an event. They even kept the entire place open in case any party goers wished to see the fish!

Food for the guests was included of course....

Grammy style red carpet entrance? Check!

I have been honored to dj this annual event for years. I met Kun around 1990-1991 and we immediately hit it off and have been friends ever since. I was there before the website before the magazine before it all......

I love it when promoters take the liberty to provide the DJ with his own bottle.

I was recently added to the official TAG body spray dj team. Last night was the perfect night to celebrate the deal.

The party people were most definitely diggin' it......

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Classic Footage from 93'

Yes that is a young DJ Supreme La Rock rippin' the tables years ago. Thanx to B Mello for the footage. Classic!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wheedles Groove - Kearney Barton

Out September 8th on Light In The Attic records, Kearney Barton is a serious funk throw down and an original work of art, featuring new recordings performed by Seattle soul legends Patrinell (Pastor Pat Wright) Staten, Robbie Hill, Ron Buford, Ural Thomas, members of Black On White Affair, Cookin' Bag, and Cold Bold & Together.

Recorded with legendary NW sound engineer Kearney Barton at his historical studio Audio Recording, Kearney Barton (the record) by Wheedle’s Groove (the band) recaptures the energy of a legendary Seattle event held in celebration of the original Wheedle’s Groove compilation.

Things you need to know about this album:

1) The name of the band is Wheedle’s Groove.
2) The name of the album is Kearney Barton.
3) Most of the performers are in their 60s.
4) It grew out of an urge to recreate magic.

Magic that could only have been seen on a small stage, in a packed theatre, in August of 2004. That was when Light In The Attic released a landmark compilation called Wheedle’s Groove: Seattle’s Finest In Funk & Soul 1965-75 (being re-released September 8th on cd, heavy weight vinyl, and digitally to coincide with Kearney Barton), and to celebrate brought together many of those original Seattle funk and soul artists for a one-night-only reunion concert, led by young blood music director and KEXP DJ Johnny Horn, and featuring Robbie Hill, Overton Berry, Patrinell Staten, Ron Buford, and KYAC's very own #1 boss-jock Robert Nesbitt.

The following day, still on a high from the show, LITA, Horn, DJ Supreme La Rock, and lead-producer Dynomite D (Beastie Boys) birthed the idea of cutting a new album – covers and originals - with some of these local music legends. So the choice was made to record all analog at the very studio where it all began - Audio Recording - with the man who not only fostered an original Northwest sound but engineered a handful of the original Wheedle's Groove tracks - studio wiz Kearney Barton (The Sonics, The Wailers, Black On White Affair).

Now, 5 years later, Light In The Attic is happy to put forth Wheedle's Groove - Kearney Barton, an album of 9 new earth shaking, head nodding grooves, including Patrinell (Pastor Pat Wright) Staten and the Total Experience Gospel Choir’s interpretation of Soundgarden's "Jesus Christ Pose," Overton Berry's keyboard led "Humpty Dumpty" (originally recorded by Placebo/Marc Moulin), and the long overdue reunion of Ron Buford with Ural Thomas - the talented pair behind the 1965 local smash "Deep Soul". Also in the mix... stay tuned for a feature-length film documentary about Seattle's classic soul-funk scene.

Super sonic Seattle funk and soul, it's time to let the world know the score!

Produced by yours truly along with Dynomite D & Johnny Horn

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Very 1st Record

Complete with promo pic! I did this record in 87'

Vertigo Night Club

Thursday Night DJ Residency. Catch me there every week in Bellevue, Wa.