Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Classic Breaks


On 8 Track. Getting ready for that Dunham Coach Eldorado!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Disco Road Show




For those that are unaware I've been a proud papa for almost a year now. First birthday is coming up next month. I know one year old is a bit young for this but I had to get it for little man. I know I would have totally loved this as a kid. I'll wait until he is old enough and will present it to him.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Rolled into town and hit up south street. It was bananas. People everywhere.

First up on the menu (literally) was none other than a cheesesteak!

After throwing down I hit up a few clothing spots before heading over to the club.

I'm at the Walnut Room tonight. My second time playing here. It's the beginning of their 5 year anniversary and they have a monster line up. I set it off tonight and will be followed by ?love, Brendan Bring Em, Cosmo Baker, Tony Touch, and Skeme. All playing sets this week. Not a bad line up at all and I'm totally honored to be mentioned in the same breath with djs of this quality.

This is a illadelph, a city known to breed the best djs in the entire world and a rich history of soul music. I knew I had to bring it. I think I did pretty good and redeemed myself from last nights set that I wasn't too happy with. I Played a lot of Philly classics from McFadden & Whitehead to Schooly D. and to top it off, I had an absolute blast and even broke a sweat!

White Slab Palace

Day two in the rotten apple started with a special DJ set on East Village Radio. The homie "Small Change" was in the house at Von the night before and asked me to come through and of course It was honor to do so.

Hard to believe there was a snow storm here two weeks ago. Today was the first day of spring and couldn't have been any better weather. Truly beautiful and amazing. I played for in hour in the clear solid glass booth as onlookers passed by and a whole lot of honeys too! Afterwards grabbed a slice of Pizza and went back to the room to prepare for the Hot Peas & Butta "Bullies & Brothels" party @ White Slab Palace.

When I walked in, Skeme was already on deck and the place was goin' nuts already.

I got on to do my thing and was not really feeling the mixer they had set up for us. I know we keeping it mad authentic with original 45s only but that didn't mean the mixer had to be old too! It even had a short in it and the sound would cut out from time to time. This immediately put me in a mood and I must admit I was not thoroughly happy with my set. It was just one of those off nights some of us djs have from time to time.

The homie Cosmo Baker who just so happened to be home tonight with a night off showed up for a set as well. Safe to say he completely ripped shit and in his own words "wrecked shop". So I have absolutely no excuse for my sub par dj set.

When all was said and done people loved it and had a blast. There were real true original beat heads in the house that came to see just what we had in store and gave us the all out hands down approval.

Big City Of Dreams

I used to see blaxploitation flicks of players driving a Rolls Royce down 125th Street. Now I'm actually doing it! I hit the east coast for two shows over the last day and a half. Got in at 6AM and could not check into my hotel until 3PM. What was I to do for the next 8 hours?

After breakfast I went straight to the Diamond District. Grabbed a few new pieces and was on to the next.

I met up with a serious collector in the area of all things fly and he blessed me with these 100% authentic original hip hop flyers from back in the day.

Obtaining these not only made my day but probably my year. Pretty amazing to have these in my collection.

I headed back to my room to finally check in and catch a power nap.

I thought they must have known I was coming because they had a turntable in my room all set up and ready to play records!

However, after reading the disclaimer I could see it wasn't just for me.

I dropped my luggage off, got in a quick nap and hit the subway. Even though I had the Phantom on deck, you have to ride a train while in NYC. It's just part of being there.

Of course I had to hit up Big City, Good, A1 and the usual suspects for records. The great part about having records like I do is that you don't really find much which = spending NO dough. Which I absolutely love.

I'll admit I copped a hand full of stuff but wasn't shipping box after box home like I used to do in the mid 90's.

Didn't realize how late it was getting already and my gig was soon. I was scheduled to play "FAM" at Von along side DJ Eleven, DJ Lindsey and DJ Myles. So I hopped a cab and made my way over.

I always forget the clubs go way later than at home! I was totally beat down by nights end. Seen a ton of people I know just out of the blue, really random and really cool too. The night was good, the venue was solid and of course the company & djs were great. Off to the room to knock out.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


In preparation of the Hot Peas & Butta "Bullies & Brothels" party hitting NYC this weekend I've done a mix that was inspired by movies of the 1970's. Complete with previews and coke commercial. Get the popcorn ready. This is rated R. Under 17 not admitted without an adult.

(Bullies & Brothels Promo Mix)
(Download Here)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Do It To The Music

Doesn't get much better than this....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Becky's Know It All...

Every single night that I dj without failure is a girl that knows exactly what everyone wants to hear. No matter how much of a zone or groove I'm in and no matter how many people are dancing and feeling it. They feel they MUST tell me what to play or ask for something other than what i'm rockin'. This has got to be one of the best response' ever from a dj and of course it's the great legendary Kid Capri. Salute!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Finamore D List Magazine Soiree

I arrived back home just in time to rock the remodeled Vertigo night club for the Finamore alcohol + D List Magazine event.

It was an unusually early crowd and I knew the night was gonna be good.

A lot of local promoters, managers, dj's etc. where in attendance.

Sound Chemist DJ's were in the building including DJ Whateva & DJ Sharadawn. DJ Charma warmed up the decks for me and set me up nice.

I got on at prime time and set it off for the B Day boy.

Thanks to all the party people that came out, the liquor sponsors, vertigo nightclub, sound chemist management and d list magazine.