Sunday, March 21, 2010


Rolled into town and hit up south street. It was bananas. People everywhere.

First up on the menu (literally) was none other than a cheesesteak!

After throwing down I hit up a few clothing spots before heading over to the club.

I'm at the Walnut Room tonight. My second time playing here. It's the beginning of their 5 year anniversary and they have a monster line up. I set it off tonight and will be followed by ?love, Brendan Bring Em, Cosmo Baker, Tony Touch, and Skeme. All playing sets this week. Not a bad line up at all and I'm totally honored to be mentioned in the same breath with djs of this quality.

This is a illadelph, a city known to breed the best djs in the entire world and a rich history of soul music. I knew I had to bring it. I think I did pretty good and redeemed myself from last nights set that I wasn't too happy with. I Played a lot of Philly classics from McFadden & Whitehead to Schooly D. and to top it off, I had an absolute blast and even broke a sweat!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with this but do you have the track list for The Tommy Mcgee album, tried asking over at Pyrex Scholar. Deserves to be heard in the right order.

Thanks for the great album!!