Friday, March 27, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Soul Jamboree Invitational

George Gell * David James * Supreme La Rock * Greg Vandy

KEXP 90.3 FM March 11, 2009. I was invited by host Greg Vandy to throwdown a 7" 45RPM set on his roadhouse radio program. Apparently I'm one of his favorite djs! Thanks G. So I along with David James (Dug), Scotty G (Triple Door), Cherry Canoe and George Gell (Emerald City Soul Club) met up and played a few records. 2 hours of record nerd em at its finest to say the least. I've known Cherry Canoe for a number of years as she was the one who brought my record label deal with Sub Pop into fruition. I had heard of Davd James but never met or knew him until recently. I've seen George Gell for years at all the record shows always scooping up interesting good/rare stuff. Met Scotty G from the Triple Door for the 1st time at the show.

Spring Soul 45 Set

Download Here

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dapper Dan Street Fashion King

Dame Dash once stated that the world revolves around Harlem! I almost agree with him. Uptown cats have always had a mean swag since as far back as I can remember. In hip hops golden era hey day everyone who was anyone had a custom made Dapper Dan piece. This was the Harlem clothing store that was open 24 hours a day. Where the hustlers would be at and where Mike Tyson gave Mitch Green a mean black eye.

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Original caption: 8/24/1988-New York, New York- Heavyweight Mitch Green sports a puffed eye and a cut on the bridge of his nose as he tells reporters in NYC about his early morning fight with Mike Tyson, Aug. 23rd.. Green said Tyson hit him with a sucker punch outside a Harlem's men's clothing boutique, while Tyson claims he was merely trying to defend himself. Tyson suffered a hairline fracture in his right hand as a result of the one-punch bout.

I had no idea how bad the area actually was at the time as I was a fresh teenager in Seattle, Wa. I knew one thing though. I HAD TO HAVE a piece of my own! I was making a trip to NYC and I figured I would simply go get something from this infamous spot. Well when I arrived to NYC everyone was actually scared to take me there and told me you don't go up there unless you wanted to get stuck up at gun point. Well I thought how bad can it really be? I figured if people hung out there all the time it can't be too bad and if something is gonna happen I would deal with it then. So I made my journey solo uptown. I finally arrived upon it and was so excited. I walked in and asked for Dapper Dan. There was one person working and no one in the store. He told me he's not around. So I asked about getting some gear and prices started at around $1500.00. I had $600 tops to my name. After hanging around and looking at the unbelievably dope stuff I actually tried to hustle with the dude in there and he was like wow you just don't let up! I ended up walking out with a custom white and green Gucci jacket that someone had made and paid half up front and never came back to pick up. I paid for the 2nd half and picked it up!!! The thing was it was about 3 sizes too big for me but I didn't even care. I rocked it from time to time and over the years I thought it was wack and actually donated it to a thrift store. Doh! Oh well........... Life goes on.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's My Thang

Classic stuff. I could so use those dancers at my Sunday night party!!!

Checkin' My Fresh

Louis Vuitton Fur Scarf

Or should I say swagger jackin'?! I've recently noticed celebrities and artists biting my steez.

Kanye West...i mean *ahem* 'Martin Louis The King, Jr." from DJ Jemz on Vimeo.

Cazal 905 Shades

Louis Vuitton Millionaire Shades

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Red Bull 45's

A few weeks ago I was honored to be one of the dj's asked to play this killer event. It's called Red Bull 45's and is the brain child of Las Vegas' record hound John Doe and the marketing department at Red Bull energy drink. The concept is simple. Four djs in each corner of the room drops 2 records with a 4 minute time limit and the next dj has to mix into their set going four rounds straight and the crowd cheers for their favorite guy at the end. However, you can only play 7"45rpm vinyl records!!! No serato, no cds, no mp3s etc. The real deal vintage wax. What a dope event!!! Seriously. I never ever thought there would be a night in a major club were I got to dj (and people would actually come) playing strictly vintage 45's. Awesome turnout, great crowd and historic to say the least. Watch for this event at a city near you. It's not to be missed.

DJ Nu Mark (Jurassic 5)

DJ James Pants (Stones Throw Records)

DJ Jake Uno (Rhymesayers Enetrtainment)

DJ John Doe (The Get Back)

DJ Supreme La Rock (The Standard)

Host Tilson (The Saturday Knights)

Strictly 45RPM 7" Vinyl Records

This event was held at Trinity night club. Easily the biggest and longest running venue in town. My people JB and Guy run a tight ship over there and you should definitely check it out when in town or going out for a night on the town.

For more info. on Red Bull 45's check the myspace page.

Monday, March 16, 2009

See Sound Sunday

My 3 year Thursday night dj residency with Soul Gorilla @ See Sound lounge has come to an end. I'm still there on Sunday nights now. If you have an ounce of energy left after partying all weekend this is most definitely the place to be. Throwing down in the "Deep" lounge.

Don't Watch Me Watch TV

There was a movie shot in Seattle about three years ago and I made a small cameo appearance. I've been getting hit up lately by cats asking if I was in a movie? It's currently running on Encore and Stars cable movie channels. Here is the dude that plays the main role in his actor demo reel.

You'll see me get capped 10 seconds in

Who Had This Joint?!

I remember back in the early/mid 80's my man had this joint. We would post up at Alki beach or Seward park and call people. Man would the girls flock to us!!! Comedy......