Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dapper Dan Street Fashion King

Dame Dash once stated that the world revolves around Harlem! I almost agree with him. Uptown cats have always had a mean swag since as far back as I can remember. In hip hops golden era hey day everyone who was anyone had a custom made Dapper Dan piece. This was the Harlem clothing store that was open 24 hours a day. Where the hustlers would be at and where Mike Tyson gave Mitch Green a mean black eye.

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Original caption: 8/24/1988-New York, New York- Heavyweight Mitch Green sports a puffed eye and a cut on the bridge of his nose as he tells reporters in NYC about his early morning fight with Mike Tyson, Aug. 23rd.. Green said Tyson hit him with a sucker punch outside a Harlem's men's clothing boutique, while Tyson claims he was merely trying to defend himself. Tyson suffered a hairline fracture in his right hand as a result of the one-punch bout.

I had no idea how bad the area actually was at the time as I was a fresh teenager in Seattle, Wa. I knew one thing though. I HAD TO HAVE a piece of my own! I was making a trip to NYC and I figured I would simply go get something from this infamous spot. Well when I arrived to NYC everyone was actually scared to take me there and told me you don't go up there unless you wanted to get stuck up at gun point. Well I thought how bad can it really be? I figured if people hung out there all the time it can't be too bad and if something is gonna happen I would deal with it then. So I made my journey solo uptown. I finally arrived upon it and was so excited. I walked in and asked for Dapper Dan. There was one person working and no one in the store. He told me he's not around. So I asked about getting some gear and prices started at around $1500.00. I had $600 tops to my name. After hanging around and looking at the unbelievably dope stuff I actually tried to hustle with the dude in there and he was like wow you just don't let up! I ended up walking out with a custom white and green Gucci jacket that someone had made and paid half up front and never came back to pick up. I paid for the 2nd half and picked it up!!! The thing was it was about 3 sizes too big for me but I didn't even care. I rocked it from time to time and over the years I thought it was wack and actually donated it to a thrift store. Doh! Oh well........... Life goes on.


Spaid said...

thats quite possibly the freshest jacket Ive ever seen. Damn son.

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Zachary Alex Stern said...

There's a difference between style and flash. That's all flash, no style.