Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jam Master Jay Tribute

 photo 1b990bd6-b410-4b6a-b12a-e662e3fc71af_zps272bf4be.jpg As a working DJ you get to travel and see things a lot of people normally wouldn't. This past week I was invited to Adidas world headquarters were I was able to see their Jam Master Jay tribute in person.  photo 7ce4ff13-92e0-4b7e-a70c-563973a3a528_zps62280d91.jpg  photo d312d08a-c659-47b1-a795-ca56e15fdad2_zps635ddd17.jpg  photo ec1ab676-db66-49e5-b006-ac2f82c1252f_zpsa395bfe4.jpg  photo 502d5c87-f50a-40f1-9c8e-15f09577e554_zps5cd423a7.jpg  photo 1b131aa2-0e3f-4f48-92d4-b0af691d4256_zpse70dd68f.jpg Seriously though, how sick is is this?! Seeing this alone in real life made it worth going there beyond the other business that was handled.  photo 1ed13734-6c3e-49f6-bcd5-d4c717ded914_zps4c1b90b7.jpg  photo 70027f06-dc6a-43ff-8b2e-c8e05caab9c4_zps376f0c16.jpg  photo db7ee369-982b-497b-b32d-3d97b726293a_zpsae72adac.jpg Huge shouts out to Adidas. They've been a hip hop staple since day one and have always looked out for me from sponsoring my b boy crew in the 80's to my stints at the Do Over and events in between. Thank you. You're appreciated.

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