Friday, May 3, 2013

Rock Box PDX

 photo 053a574f-8c3c-4259-bc09-7920b7c891af_zpsbe6c625d.jpg I returned to Portland, Oregon after about 3 months and was looking forward to it. They have great record shopping and no tax! Plus i've never rocked this party or venue before so it was a first for us...  photo b3b4ae3f-3191-4660-b292-db7541536628_zpsf04def36.jpg  photo 7a6a33ed-8bf2-4e5f-adf1-dcbf99612b34_zps24515b99.jpg  photo 8005c1a6-015d-4506-a53e-a8a00686a897_zpsc5857b04.jpg As soon as I walked in I fell in love with the place! Fresh, open and airy I knew the night was gonna be good and that it was.  photo 1cd2601a-7d23-49e2-8abc-364e6b1eec49_zpsb5734585.jpg  photo b3752326-d2b9-4d61-b0ce-f1d3f71fa913_zpsd0b1ecf2.jpg  photo fc6c29a6-426f-4146-abb7-460cf5d55559_zps85203dbd.jpg It was one of those parties that I probably could've played anything and they would've been wide open. I love party people and crowds like this that are open to good music of all genres. It really makes my job fun!  photo daa00f03-51e1-4eb8-9ba7-822a4ff7a284_zps5ee91574.jpg  photo 828b32a3-1251-4062-a314-616c9e803123_zps3b3418ef.jpg  photo 2784dd1e-a33c-4030-b324-2e63ca9560f7_zps19b08f44.jpg  photo 778fdc2b-1cef-46f0-95f7-2ada640f0eff_zpsed9e9489.jpg Shout out to Billy Cook for the awesome photography, DJ Kez, Matt Nelkin & 360 Vinyl for making it happen. I'm alreay looking forward to doing this one again. True story.  photo 08f14660-2d82-471f-921d-c6435e27a260_zps8619d45f.jpg

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