Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ban Dai Triple Inchophone

 photo 215689_214510595227403_4529305_n_zps51be0f90.jpg Finally got my hands on one of these bad boys today. Originally released in Japan by the Ban Dai toy company in 2004 most units were destroyed leaving only 400 left for worldwide distribution.  photo afaa5282-0723-431a-ac45-bae62ff46c54_zps92d5d46d.jpg Apparently Jack White of the White Stripes purchased them all when he was touring Japan. He then sold them along with a special release of his at his merchandise table while touring. Therefore it was the only way to get one. They were completely gone and dried up with the quickness. Once word got out collectors were paying up and over $1000.00 to obtain one.  photo 4375fc1c-9849-4565-aeba-2edf1e2eb271_zpscd5496c6.jpg

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