Saturday, November 29, 2008

Talk Box * Vocoder * Auto Tune Madness

I really honestly can't stand EVERYONE using the auto tune efx on their vocals lately. I will admit though that T Pain is the best at it. Kanye's latest release is a full album using auto tune on every single track. Diddy plans on doing the exact same thing. Wow! I owned a Roland rack mount vocoder in the 80's and wish I would have never sold it. That was a classic unit and made popular through boogie tracks back then. Roger Troutman made the talkbox his thing and I even remember Peter Frampton using a talkbox on a track. The first time I ever heard the auto tune was on Cher's track "Believe". I remember thinking that it was pretty cool and I knew it was not a talk box or a vocoder. My man Kon posted this up on soulstrut and I had to share it with everyone. It's pretty ill! It's the first known use of the talk box. Yes everyone from Roger to T Pain has jacked this mans swagger. Peep this out.

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Skeme Richards said...

On the real, I rollin right alongside you on this one. This Auto Tune shit way outta control, needs to die soon!