Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gems Sneaker Boutique

I had the pleasure to play this past Thursday night at the "GEMS" sneaker shop soiree in downtown Seattle, Wa. It happend to be the art gallery walk so tons of people came through. I got to play some really good stuff from original breaks to loft disco, latin, brazillan, funk 45's, boogie and so on. Crowd was feeling it as well so that was a good thing. They are gonna do some more events in the near future. I will record my set next time and post it up. However there's nothing like being there live. So watch the calendar and try to stop by. Not to mention they have some ill shoes to be copped!

DJ Supreme La Rock


Skeme Richards said...

Word, good to hear that you got to play some quality gems and people were feeling it, seems like when I get to check you rock live I gotta hear the top 40 joints!!


Stacy said...

If you like beat electric's blog and have a thing for disco, then you should check out american athlete.