Monday, December 29, 2008


I picked this up from one of the homies. He had a few copies sitting in a pile of 45's that had been in the family. We noticed it was from Seattle. I traded it off for a long time want of mine. I figured it couldn't be too hard to find. Well, I have searched high and low with no luck. I find it hard to believe that with all the people I know in Seattle from record dealers to old school djs, band members etc. Literally NO ONE knows anything about this record. Come on people! There's probably a stash of these sitting in the basement in the central district somewhere. Either that or all the copies are in a king county landfill with the rest of the local stuff. If you have ANY information on this record, band, label or other release' don't hesitate to contact me. Until then, enjoy this modern soul two stepper.

Love In Your Life


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