Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seattle Pure Dynamite

I have been buying records for more then half my life now, killing time on weekends at used record shops, garage sales etc. I remember the day I grabbed this 45 by a group called Seattle Pure Dynamite. It was 25 cents and I just bought it on the band name alone. I listened to it when I got back home and thought it wasn't that good. I threw it in a box with a bunch of other 45's. More then a decade later I pulled it out and gave it a spin. WOW!!!! This record is g-r-e-a-t. I thought it's funny how I wasn't into it when I found it but now it's one of my favorite modern soul tunes. I tracked down the band members to see if they had any other records and they informed me that this was the only record they ever did to the tune of 50 copies. They could hardly afford to record in a real studio let alone press a record up. These copies were used as their demo and most were sent off to labels hoping to get a real record deal. It's to bad that never became a reality because these guys were good.

I Wonder Love

Seattle Pure Dynamite

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Skeme Richards said...

Yo! That joint is serious, good looking!


Paul said...

Hey , That's me on that record , playing guitar. I helped write and produce it. We recorded it at Kay Smith studios in Seattle, had 1000 copies pressed in Canada and rehearsed at the Paramount and opened for the Ohio Players. The lead singer. After that record the disco scene wiped out all the local gigs. We went to Toronto ,Ca to try to survive but we were only about 20 years old and did'nt make it.Some of the players are still here in Seattle I could give you the run down if you are interested. Paul Anderson