Monday, January 5, 2009

It Never Ends....

I read an interview with DJ Danny Krivit where he said the more records he has the more he realizes he doesn't have!!! The funny thing about his statement was that I was feeling and thinking that same exact thing earlier that day before reading it. I'm going to say that I couldn't agree with him more. Also, when you think you've done all the research you could and know about all these records you'll be hit with the rude awakening that you don't know s**t! On that note it brings us to an exclusive mix I did for the baghat vinyl website years ago. They are now defunct but were one of the best websites to find rare grooves, original breaks and samples. When I did this mix I just grabbed what ever records were laying around me at the moment and threw them down on the decks. Plenty of nasty dirty gritty funky grooves and drum breaks galore. A hip-hop producers dream to say the least. The first 30 minutes are posted here. If you want the whole 9 yards your gonna have to track down the original cd somewhere and buy it. Good luck! By the way these are ORIGINAL pressings. Preme never fakes the funk with crappy re-issues. Just thought I would share that juicy little tidbit with y'all.

It Never Ends - Baghat Vinyl Mix (Part 1)

DJ Supreme La Rock

Download Here

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hooray said...

Great mix, thx for sharing!!!