Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rock The Discotheque

Ok, so a new year is upon us. Yes it's 2009 already, wow how time flies. I'm going to make it my duty to post here daily. It's the only way with my increasingly busy schedule I can keep everyone up to date and keep the music flowing. Todays mix is one of my favorites that I did for Sandinista clothing co. in Japan. It came in a really dope digipak cover with original artwork by Vancouver, Canada graffiti legend "Virus". The alternate cover above was the one I did when I pressed some promo copies up. This mix is at least 5 years old if not older. It's a mix of boogie, modern soul and loft disco classics for your listening pleasure.

Rock The Discotheque

DJ Supreme La Rock

Download Here


Ben said...

That Jimmy Ross song is my jam! Nice work, mi amigo. Keep 'em coming.

Steve said...

I picked this up in JP a few years back and still listen on the regular. Also have managed to track down most of the songs on the mix including the elusive Casual T. Thanks for introducing me to a lot of great artists on this one!