Sunday, April 19, 2009

BBQ or Mildew?

Or as Diamond D says "What you wanna do, bbq or boogaloo" - I woke one Saturday morning and wanted to make a cd to listen to in the Benzo. So I went straight to the turntables in my boxers and proceeded to record some jointz. That mix was one of my most popular cds to ever hit the streets titled "BBQ or Mildew". Now that spring has sprung and the sun is shinning I've been getting requests for copies. I honestly never thought it was that good but I liked that it was raw and real. I love that aspect in dj mixes. No pro tools or produced mixes just straight dj skills and two decks. I'm feeling pretty good today and it is the 1st official nice day and rather hot day of Spring here in Seattle. So, what else to do rather then record part II for y'all? Hope you enjoy. Perfect for spring cleaning, bbq's, or crusing the beach. A mix of soul, boogie, and true hip hop.

BBQ or Mildew Take II

Download It Here

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saul said...

Thanx for the mixes your always hooking up. It is appreciated