Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Boogie to the Bang Bang Boogie

If you didn't know, I have a weekly radio show "Soul Style & Truth" on thanks to Funkmaster Flex and Santo Valentino. Every Saturday night at 6PM EST. All you have to do is log on and it streams live. For this weeks show I went in on the gospel, modern soul and boogie tip. Probably because I'm really feeling all these genres right about now and bump this kind of music in the whip all day long. As far as the radio show goes I have no direction with it, I just go in and do me and what I'm feeling at that current moment. You may get old school original disco rap, 80's golden era, loft disco, funk 45's or original breaks. Since I have a hip hop background I started out buying records with breaks which was mostly 70's era funk and psychadelic rock. I was going through puberty in the mid 80's and remember the time well. I liked the obvious modern soul stuff I heard on the radio, One Way, Rick James, Skyy, etc. The commercial boogie basics. I honestly wasn't feeling a lot of it at the time because I thought the electronic drum machines fabricated fake sounds sucked and so did the fart sounding keyboards. I wanted to hear real crunchy drum kits, thick bass and chicken scratch guitar riffs that the 70's offered. Well just like every other music genre you must dig for the unknown and obscure. Releases on small independent labels with little to no distribution and poor marketing budgets. This is where you'll find the best music offered. Just because it's not popular or you have never heard it does not mean that its not good!

Soul Style & Truth (Boogie Edition)

DJ Supreme La Rock

Download Here

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