Monday, October 31, 2011

Roger Filgo


If you've followed my blog you'll be well aware that my focus has been in educating the globe about local music from the Seattle, Wa. area where I reside. At the request of Matt from Light In The Attic records i'm going to hold off on some of them as they will be featured on my forthcoming Wheedles Groove 7" box set and compilation album/cd. By chance my friend Greasy of the DUG crew came across a 45 by a local area artist named Roger Filgo. Upon learning of this release I started digging for a copy with no luck in scoring one. Greasy eventually passed his copy off to me for my local archives. While searching for some info. on this particular recording I found that he was a session player in town that has passed away. I also, found out that there was a second 45 he recorded after the one Greasy had discovered. It never ends, just when I think I know or have all the local stuff something new pops up! This was recorded in 1977 for the Star Step records label and has a much more electric synth vibe than his earlier funk organ grinder work out.

Roger Filgo - "Give It Up"
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GREASY said...

that is the Jam!. I met Roger about a year before he passed away. He was playing his Hammond in a pub up on beacon hill. They played mostly Blues with a few tight soul things mixed in... I talked to him after the show. He was a super nice guy and was blown away that I had one of his 45's he mentioned that there was another one... and here it is. Nice Find Preme!
Oh and thanks for the props.

Michael Grondin said...

I played with Roger in the Led Jaxson Band and the short lived "Emerald City All-Stars. I agree that roger was the nicest guy. He really loved to play and I'm sad to learn of his passing.