Monday, November 14, 2011

Shuckin' & Jivin'


Once again it's music Monday and today, I present to you none other then the Johnny Lewis Quartet. This is a local jazz/funk lp from Seattle that I used to see multiple copies of every single day while out diggin' for records around town. These days this has seemed to completely vanish. Original copies hardly ever pop up since being re-issued by Ubiquity. I'm not sure how these were distributed but I know you could definitely purchase copies at his shows. 99% of the copies i've ever found have his autograph on 'em. Johnny was part of the same Lewis family that owned the Paramount theatre. I believe he recorded three albums, this being my favorite one. This was recorded live in '72 at the Trojan Horse. A venue my parents used to frequent back in the day. The lead single from the album is the title track "Shuckin' & Jivin'" and for some reason is a different mix or take than the one on the Lp. The last 60 seconds of the track is a full on bongo/conga drum break. The version here is from the 7" 45 not the album.


Johnny Lewis Quartet - "Shuckin' & Jivin'"
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