Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scratchmasters Jam #1


The New York scratchmasters 12" dj mixes were my all time favorite records growing up in the 80's. This was deejaying and this is what I wanted to do. Only a handful of people had these records. They were hard to get even when they were released. Probably because they were bootleg pressings made in small numbers. Fast forward 20 some odd years later and i've found out the dj that did these was none other than Mr. headphones himself the west coast legend Dr. Dre. This doesn't surprise me one bit. If you've ever heard any of Dre's mix tapes he used to sell at the swap meets you can hear the similarities. These were done at a time when the world only cared about New York. I'm sure he called them the New York scratch-masters to gain immediate attention to them and to throw off anyone trying to bust them for pressing bootlegs since they were actually done in Los Angeles and not New York. I was lucky enough to find all that were released and would grab them from a local very small mom & pop record shop. They always had the best stuff in there. I would get up Saturday morning and catch the bus across town and spend any money I had hustled up that week on new records. I've had so many people recently ask me about these. I've decided i'd share them with you here on my blog. Check back for more volumes and updates coming soon...

Scratchmasters jam #1

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Shirkophobe said...

Wow, I actually remember this one wit h the White Horse and Yes mix! Big up and thanks Danny!

ivan janković said...

hi,very nice Blog,can you please re-upload Scratchmasters Jam issues,thx a lot!