Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Master Sounds

 photo 03f0165b-9c5b-4844-8c25-ad9840bfda80_zps64172194.jpg  photo 48e04314-6e81-4c85-b3a3-102738fc6783_zpse59a9941.jpg I picked up a pair of vinyl stabilizers from Master Sounds in the UK. These are by far the best ones i've ever used or seen. Good luck on finding a set as they've already sold out and were limited to 100 world wide which = 50 if strictly working dj's acquired 'em...  photo b306c05e-960b-4859-9dfc-549f41d2def0_zps468eef5e.jpg  photo 2a186129-3fc9-4006-a8aa-82537d59e49d_zps3d09d45d.jpg  photo 046b4d43-fe6e-4f79-b620-ad98df6237c8_zpsc38b9429.jpg So necessary.

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