Monday, June 3, 2013

Stylin' On 'Em

 photo 744b1259-620a-4568-b7cb-27505685ef70_zpsa1e14d52.jpg I've always been a fan of custom designed high end designer street fashion. It's the era of hip hop I come from and it's never left me.  photo e7fd332f-2c2e-4be4-a94f-3415a1873b07_zpsf109f46c.jpg Been patiently waiting for a Dapper Dan piece since I went to his boutique in the 80s.  photo 46902552-ce91-49c8-b91c-d62b2678973b_zpse8dd2fee.jpg Came across these pics on the net. Have no idea who the guy is but looks like he makes custom pieces as well.

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