Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Proof Is In The Puddin'

The weekly event known as the Do Over has been the jump-off for 7 years straight in Los Angeles and is now making monthly stops for the second summer in a row in a Portland, OR - and they started it with a BANG! The Adidas sponsored event at Produce Row Cafe had a huge following last year and overflowed to a massive level during its first month this summer - there was a line down the block for the whole event. May's Do Over featured residents Haycock and Jamie Strong along with special guests DaM-Funk and Supreme La Rock and local DJ, Ante Up's own, DJ Nature. It was a great event and an ideal way to kick off the second season of Portland's hosting of The Do Over.

This video was done out of love for the long-standing Do Over party that was brought to Portland last year. In no way does the Do Over, Adidas or Produce Row have any ties to Ante Up PDX or this Video... Long story short, no one paid us to do this video and we aren't getting anything out of it. We're just showing love to everyone that helps put on this event.

This video was brought to you by: Ronin Roc (Of Ante Up PDX)

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