Friday, April 12, 2013

Faux Electronique Spectacle

 photo 559404_370672916382199_1428124106_n_zpsa0ebb758.jpg  photo ba541d42-6f84-4183-9910-42d64e0b39c0_zps5e3a4fef.jpg Since the birth of Jerome Barbe' DJR 400 portable rotary mixer a lot of djs worldwide have requested he make a 2 channel DJR 200 version. While he has yet to do so, another company introduced this knock off earlier this week. The exterior cosmetics look good and is an obvious complete electronique spectacle rip off. Too bad the craftsman ship and guts aren't. This is basically a cheap imitaion. Don't be fooled...  photo 526e3e4f-6e9b-4769-b3b9-ff713d31f1b2_zps183ad666.jpg  photo 94e0b6cb-a887-4a9c-92ff-e4f0197e259a_zps5ce8b8c3.jpg

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