Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nicky Barnes

 photo 2ab6057f-4b2c-434e-b6e2-3f8d6c22314b_zps00fab7e2.jpg The original copy of this from the New York times has been on my "wants" list for ever and a day. Even though it came inside the Sunday paper and being NYC there were millions of copies printed you can bet your bottom dollar that most of them were tossed into the trash come Monday morning. It's a cover story on Nicky Barnes a drug dealer from uptown. It's not the man on the moon, Elvis Presley dead or anything iconic that most of mainstream america or anyone else would care about. So why do I? Because it's street shit, new york shit, raw & uncut, different and blaxploitation history. I was finally able to cross this off my list this week when I scored a copy. Check!

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