Monday, August 12, 2013

Hoarding -vs- Collecting

 photo ec87db03-14e7-4faf-9368-12b6febff290_zpsd3883006.jpg

Some people have called me a hoarder. Nothing could be further from the truth. A hoarder has a bunch of stuff just to have it. A collector has certain titles and knows their actual value.

 photo d2a1b58b-bd14-475c-a7f4-c107b875f294_zpsb3f24102.jpg

A hoarder has sh*t thrown all over the place and pilled up with no organization. A collector will have their records in plastic sleeves, super clean and filled away perfectly. Almost in an o.c.d manner.

 photo 7a5a98d3-e1c9-4605-a6b0-9856ca14656c_zps7614b7d4.jpg

These pictures are clearly from a hoarders house. One that was recently purchased by a record dealer so he may clear out the contents.

 photo b03d5ad8-95e2-454a-b2a2-d8f56e0086ad_zps96b3e95a.jpg

Good luck flipping all those Pete Fountain & Firestone Christmas albums! LOL

 photo 5eff36e6-4337-46ac-aaae-b2d2684e13b2_zps774a32cc.jpg

With the volume of records here there must be something decent in this collection but judging from what I see in the pics it's a mountain of turds.