Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A DJ's Worth


Club owners and promoters would like you to believe otherwise, but you, as a DJ, are worth something. The service we provide has a value no matter how much others try to undermine it. Everyone’s worth is different depending on their skills and history in the game. The key is to know where you stand in the scheme of things. Figuring out your place can be a challenge, especially for those new to DJing. Even a few years into it you might not know your place for sure.

Now, I’m not writing this to tell you what your worth is. It’s just not possible for me to do that. I’m writing this to put the concept of worth in your head so the next time a gig comes up where the promoter offers you half your normal rate you can have the piece of mind to tell them NO! It’s OK. You’re allowed to do that.

I believe, and I think most successful people would agree, that you should not take every opportunity that comes your way. You undermine your worth by doing so. For you to establish worth in other peoples eyes you have to demonstrate the things you will and won’t do. You WILL do the event that pays your going rate or more. You WILL NOT do the event that doesn’t meet your going rate. If you take every gig that come your way you’re showing everyone you’re a pushover and they can take advantage of you. That’s not the image you want out there.

Of course there are always some exceptions to the rule. I’m not going to pretend every gig I do meets the price point I’m aiming for, but the fact that I know my worth helps me determine which lower paying gigs may be worth my time. I also have no problem turning away the ones that aren’t. Sometimes exposure/a fun party/friends party trumps money.

That said, if you DJ a club on a Friday night for $150 when you usually get $400, there’s a problem. Why would you take that gig? You had a free night? I’m sorry, but staying home and practicing is worth more than letting every club owner/promoter in town know you’ll DJ for $150 instead of $400. Yes, if you turned down the $150 gig you might not DJ there, ever… But who cares??? Do you really want to DJ somewhere that thinks you’re worth 2/3 less than everywhere else you play? That’s not a repeat gig I’d want.

I could go on for days on this subject and I’m sure I’m missing some key points I’d like to make, but remember this. You don’t have to take every gig that comes your way. All money is not good money. You could be hurting yourself more than helping. You are worth more than the club owner/promoters want you to believe. Don’t forget, they’re making a killing!!

Taken from Remix Report.com

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