Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trinity Night Club 8 Year Anniversary

 photo 28e4a159-80c2-4abf-9b7f-5f0441bcf0cd_zps0aab2fe8.jpg  photo 94b8248d-6743-41cc-bd56-df3414a7b18e_zps74bccc90.jpg Trinity the biggest night club in Seattle just turned 8. Wow, how time flies. They've been very good to me since day one even when I left my residency there for another club that has already came and went! If i'd never left i'd probably still be there. It's all good though because i'm still there regularly and they'll always be family in my book. They do a great job and it obviously shows being that they're still up and running strong after 8 years time. Anyone involved in the nightlife business knows our years are equivalent to dog years.  photo 5b21b2c6-fb83-40db-a61f-4e46b6152676_zpsc0dd0fb2.jpg  photo 0a23c7d3-0b16-454b-8a9b-ef40f2a6757c_zpsce265c1d.jpg I want to first and foremost thank Trinity night club, owners, staff and management for doing a wonderful job. I congratulate you on your continued success and wish you more for years to come.  photo 3e959ad0-7979-4e94-b746-12d74464d2f4_zps67809a92.jpg

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