Saturday, March 2, 2013

Always Remember

 photo 57e712b9-b84e-40d8-851c-cfc86e66d023_zps592a13ac.jpg DJs lead the way and everybody else follows. Ideas and innovations come from us and then hardware technology conforms to the purest technology of them all: humans and the human hand. The story of humankind and our relationship to juristic people (corporations) has been a common tale: we lead and they follow. Remember that. You are the technology. It is YOU! Innovation is always bottom-up and markets are exploited from the top down. We set trends and companies "exploit" them in the market. The story of most DJ technologies are the same in this respect, it is nothing different from the story of most media technologies in our human history. Our ideas, from designs to scratch techniques, and our dreams are interpreted by manufacturers and encoded into mixer/turntables/DVS. ideas come from DJs directly in R&D sessions, from online forums, from the web and creative networks in general. We you look at a mixer or a turntable or a DVS, you are looking at yourself. It is a mirror. Don't forget that. Simply think about the Technics 1200s. If DJs didn't adopt and adapt the use of that turntable, they never would have put a pitch fader, start/stop button, and a ground wire on the MK2 when it came out in 1979. That is because of DJs uses and modification of the uses of the turntable, NOT because that is what the company thought would be innovative at the time. They were catering to the market, to our ideas, to our dreams. We tend to put some much weight in the objects technology, but we are the subjects of it, we control technology (not the other way around). Stay up and stay innovative. - Djpedia -

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