Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tac Town Sounds

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My hunt for local northwest soul & funk continues. Today I bring you Essence on the Tac Town Sounds record label. Released in '83 this was the only project on the label. I love the logo and may do a t shirt to honor the forgotten endeavor. I've been trying to track this record down for at least 5 years since one was discovered in a Vancouver, Canada thrift shop by a fellow dj. I'd never heard of the group or seen a copy prior to the discovery. After searching high and low to find anything out about this record I stumbled upon one of the band members who had some copies. So he thought! Turns out he had one damaged warped copy in his possession. No bueno. After putting his feelers out there for me he was able to track down a copy that a friend still had. It was also, not mint but a good enough reference copy for the time being. Many older local djs had heard of the record and even owned it at one point. It was distributed through the local NWDMA record pool upon its release. Hard to believe i'd never seen one, heard it before or even found more copies once I was on the hunt. Seems to be a pretty rare one.

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It's too late to include on my latest compilation i've put together for the Light In The Attic records label as that project just wrapped up last week. I'm still going to do my best to do a proper licensed re-issue of this one. It's just so good! If anyone out there can help me with a good clean mint copy please contact me asap. Thank you.

Essence - "Deep In Your Eyes"

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