Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Take Notes....

1. White Leather Greek Fisherman Hat
2. White Bogey Boy Cotton Gloves
3. Black Leather Pants With Stitched In Seams
4. Adidas Sneakers With Thick Laces
5. White Leather Belted Double Breasted Jacket
6. Gold Chains With Name Plate
7. Black Mock Turtle neck Sweater

Got It?


Skeme Richards said...

And thats how its properly done....lights, camera, action! Peep the ill bboy stance. So official!

The Tapemasters Crew said...

Aaahhh, love that ish!! All my Lee's had stitched in creases & ironed out fat laces in the kicks.

Flex said...

Damn! Powerful Pexter! Damn I saw that back in the day. Don't remember where it's from though. Maybe those k-tel records? Props Supreme.