Monday, June 8, 2009

Trunk Jewelry

Slick Rick was not only "The Ruler" but also, the fresh fly trunk jewel originator. jewels have alwasy been a part of hip hop, especially in the mid 80's golden era. I seen T Pains twitter updates over the weekend and the pics that hit the net of of his new 10lbs. 197KT. diamond pendant. Jesus H. Christo!!! I think it's just a bit bigger than Lil Jon's - Crunk Ain't Dead piece.

Totally ridiculoso! However, a man may do whatever he wishes with the money he has earned.

Yung Joc was killing it with his Hustlenomics chain a few years back as well.

Ben Baller repping for the West Coast. Then again, his family owns the jewelry shop!


Skeme Richards said...

Hands down, Slick Rick! He's the flyest of them all!

Patricio Pantheleon said...

I guess there's no harm in showcasing your bling. Just be sure to have the right hip hop jewelleries fitting to your lifestyle.