Monday, June 8, 2009

Trunk Jewelry

Slick Rick was not only "The Ruler" but also, the fresh fly trunk jewel originator. jewels have alwasy been a part of hip hop, especially in the mid 80's golden era. I seen T Pains twitter updates over the weekend and the pics that hit the net of of his new 10lbs. 197KT. diamond pendant. Jesus H. Christo!!! I think it's just a bit bigger than Lil Jon's - Crunk Ain't Dead piece.

Totally ridiculoso! However, a man may do whatever he wishes with the money he has earned.

Yung Joc was killing it with his Hustlenomics chain a few years back as well.

Ben Baller repping for the West Coast. Then again, his family owns the jewelry shop!

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Skeme Richards said...

Hands down, Slick Rick! He's the flyest of them all!