Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Madness

Last night for the third year in a row I played at Bryant Worthings B Day Bash. He is the director of promotion for the SG team. This year he had Slim from 112 perform. I was the sole dj for the evening and the homie Eddie Francis hosted the event.

It was still pretty thin in there around 11PM. Seattle always has late crowds which I still don't understand seeing how clubs close down by 2:00AM. By midnight the Showbox was jam packed. Slim did his thing and I proceeded to shut it down afterwards. It was a super dope crowd with a good vibe.

Got home at 5:00AM and caught some zzz's. Then it was off to the fam's for a bbq!

Had a great weekend overall. I'm so thankful for everything around me. Back to the DJ grind tomorrow.......

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Lucas said...

It is crazy how SEA comes out so late, like its not cool 2 b anywhere b4 11 pm, but then the liquor stops 2 hrs l8r... I've never understood it either. B-boy's b-day is always that ish tho.