Sunday, January 6, 2013

Platters Records

2_10_ZI_img10000663A_zps12a98c88 Platters Records in Lake City, Wa. was the absolute all time best record store in the city for 12" Disco Singles. It was their specialty and they stocked all the independent stuff as well as the major label hits. The owner Gary Del Maestro (above) supplied not only myself but all the top dj's in town with the goods. I was still in high school and in my teens when I stumbled upon his shop. As we passed by with my parents one day I asked if they'd please stop so I could check it out. I was looking for "Touch Me' by Wish Feat. Fonda Rae and no store in town had it. He had it! I continued to spend my allowance there every week afterwards. Anytime I caught wind of a new record he either already had it or would go the extra mile to find it for me. His customer service and record store was stellar and is dearly missed. Platters closed it's doors May 26th 1997. The general public was bamboozled into buying cds and stopped buying vinyl and his small independent store couldn't compete with giants like Tower who also, ended up eventually going out of business. This is my nod and salute to Gary for being him and doing what he did. Having one of the best record stores in the city and something that is totally missing today in almost all retail outlets is outstanding customer service.

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