Monday, October 12, 2009

Cold, Bold & Together

Ok back to the funk! This is from local funksters Cold, Bold & Together. Aka: the first band Kenny G was ever in! Out the four 45's I have from this outfit this one is my favorite one. I picked this one because it is just raw straight up the way it should be. I hate when something is too polished and perfect. I want the raw hardcore soul and funkiness. This delivers it.... I talked with band leader Tony Gable earlier this week. He's still gigging around town to this day.

Cold, Bold & Together - "Hey Hey Devils & Fools"
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Solomon said...

hi, thanks so much for posting this. My dad and uncle were the bass player and guitarist for this band. I was wondering if you had access to any more of their music. I'd really love to hear more of what they did back in the day.