Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jonahs Whale

Not sure exactly when and where I found this one. What I do remember was reading the address on the label of the location of the "Valane" records label. It just so happened to be three blocks away from my residence! I immediately went over to see what was good. Well it's now a Quiznos sandwich shop. So no luck on finding copies or getting much more info. I guess they were a pretty popular band as everyone I talk to that was in the scene back in the day knows of them. I did find a second Jonahs Whale single on the Treesong label but didn't pick it up. Perhaps I should have?

Jonahs Whale - "Feelin' Loose"
Download Here

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Sandra Ochoa said...

WOW, i been looking for any information about this band. My sons father was the saxophone player for this band in 1980. I have been trying to locate him, i know he left the band a few years later. Have you heard anything from the people you have talked to about William Hawkins? He is from Tacoma, Washington. I would really appreciate if you can reply back to me when you get the chance, my email is, Thank you!