Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Starting today for the next week straight I'm going to post records from Seattle, Washington that I find were to my liking. In other words get ready for the winter heat!!! I'm really going out on a limb and doing my absolute best to find these records and post them up here for the world. Most of these great bands have been long overlooked and forgotten. What a shame. Today I'm going to start off with a nice hunk of modern soul from the band PUSH on the Sounds of Seattle record label. They only released this one and only 7" 45 RPM. Only a hand full of copies are known to exist. It's rare and not easy to find even here in Seattle. I know of 2 people that own a copy besides myself. They recorded a full albums worth of material which I recently acquired after meeting one of the original band members Harry Wilson. I'm going to sift through the material and see if a release should be in order. They recorded two takes on this track. One in Seattle and one in Portland, Oregon. The one posted up is the Portland, Oregon session. This is not the one on the 45.

PUSH - "You Turn Me On" (Portland Session)

Download Here

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