Friday, October 9, 2009

Everyday People

I chose to post this record as the follow up to the Jonahs Whale joint. Because both records were on the same "Valane" records label. I can not find out much information on this band. They are one that no one remembers or mentions when doing research on this stuff. Hmm.... Too bad because they were pretty funky. I have never seen another copy since I found this one years ago in an antique store.

Everyday People - "Double Lovin'"
Download Here


Hollow Earth said...

Love "Double Lovin'" - I found it on clear vinyl same label! DJ George Tanaka keeps saying we should get together.

I am producing an episode of an 8 part radio documentary for on NW rock and soul. My episode is about the music of 50-60's and the evolution of teen dances.

I think you might enjoy some of the interviews my team is putting together. It would be great to interview you too as a collector.

BTW I have a pretty huge vinyl collection at my place in West Seattle. You're certainly welcome over any time.

I'll be spinning at a funky little record and hair cutting place on 1st Ave S (Radar) this Sat 10/30 - horror themed stuff. Also, my show "under the influence" airs 10am Pac Sun on Hollow Earth. I'd be honored if you gave it a listen.

David N
host "under the influence"
Sun 10am Pac
cell 425 760 1429

Derek Johnston said...

My dad Ron Brittain played the bass in this band 'Everyday People' , also my uncle Dean was in the banx . They both still play to some degree today . My mom was actually a groupie and that is how they met . Here is a link to a page about the band Hope someone enjous this . Jennifer Brittain