Thursday, October 8, 2009


As we continue on with or second installment this week of seatown soul I bring to you the 80's modern soul/boogie band "Teleclere". That is a young Tony Benton on the cover. This was his group. Tony is still around these days and many people know him as the director of community affairs at clear channel KUBE radio station. He hosts a talk show on Sunday mornings on the station. He also, runs "Musica" a local organization that supports many different music programs. He along with mayor Greg Nichols presented me with the city of Seattle "Dj of the year" award a few years back. I never really knew Tony but knew of him and totally remember when this record was released. I used to see it around the local shops. His band was also, the backing band for early local rappers the "Emerald Street Boys". I may post that up later this week? At any rate here is my favorite track off the e.p. An up tempo electro boogie number called "I will steal your love". He went from Teleclere to clear channel. What's with the clear connection?!

Teleclere - "I Will Steal Your Love"
Download Here

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