Saturday, October 31, 2009

Romel Westwood

Here is another local Seattle modern soul lp that I completely remember being released. This album was literally everywhere. I can recall hitting thrift stores all day long looking for records and passing hundreds of copies of this up at each store. Romel was the winner of the KFOX Budweiser showdown talent contest. There is a 12" single that was released prior to this lp. I love the cover picture of him standing in front of the Paramount theatre. As with everything else that gets over looked or forgotten I had a hard time finding my copy of this when I decided I should have one. I figured I would find one the first day I went out and looked. Not the case at all. My man Trace Blends hooked me up with this copy. I did find two copies at a friends house but her mom didn't want to give up the goods. I eventually contacted Romel's wife and explained to her how I'm in the process of preserving the history of Seattle soul music and wanted to make sure he got his due credit after all these years. I wanted to include this in the Wheedles movie as well. After telling me she would relay the message I heard absolutely nothing from no one. It has been over a year now. I finally contacted the producer Nick Manson who has a test pressing with no label or cover art and tried to charge me an astronomical price for it. I declined as I knew I would get my hands on a copy sooner or later. It turned out to be sooner.

Romel Westwood - "Our Night Out"
Download Here


Mike Clark said...

We used to carry this at Music Menu on Rainier avenue back in the late 80's.

Anonymous said...

This song is Cool....
Thanx for putting me onto this!